We Are In Need Of Restoration From Our Burdened Souls.

Yoga+  teaches you how to live life beyond a pose.   When most think of Yoga, they think of the physical postures, however; that is a very small part of a philosophy that can create body, mind, and spirit.  Yoga+ sessions assist you in stretching and reconnecting with the body – when we slow down physically, we have more space to devote internally.

The sessions designed for Yoga+ educates you on how each movement is benefitting the body by moving you into the deeper practices of breathing, meditation, service, and devotion to the body, mind, and spirit.  The experience that you gain on the mat can transform your life off the mat.  We also talk about how to carry these practices into the daily routines of life.  Surrender yourself to transformative, healing experiences.

Yoga+ is another avenue created to help people find and build their capacity to heal, rather than wound.

Welcome to Yoga+!

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