Yoga+  teaches you how to live life beyond the pose.   When most think of Yoga, they think of the physical postures, however; that is a very small part of the philosophy that literally changes your life.  Our classes assist you in reconnecting with your spirit within – when we slow down physically, we have more space to devote internally.

The classes designed for Yoga+ not only guides you into poses that honor and restore the body, but moves you into the deeper yogic practices of breathing, meditation, service, and devotion to body and mind.  Yoga+ encompasses Yin and Restorative Yoga. We do offer a mix of Vinyasa in some of our Yin classes.  The experience that you gain on the mat can transform your life off the mat.  Surrender yourself to transformative, healing experiences.

We are here to help people find and build their capacity to heal, rather than wound.  Welcome to Yoga+!

Body Peace.

NO MORE BODY SHAMING. This class embraces the ‘yoga for all’ ideology.  You do not need to fit the green juice sipping, slim-fit wearing, flexible girl or guy, watching sunsets everyday mindset to enjoy yoga.  The practice of yoga is over 4,000 years old and can (and should) be enjoyed by everyone. Body Peace is a class for anyone who wants to embrace yoga, but feels intimidated.  It’s a class that makes yoga accessible to all bodies.  If you have been curious, but anxious about whether you can carry out those poses, this class is for you.  Connect with your body and explore its physicality in a safe way emotionally, physically and spiritually toward a peace that can be experienced beyond the mat.

Experience Level:  All Levels


The Practice Of Giving

 At this time, Yoga+ Teachers are supported by donations only.  I ask that you contribute to the time and energy that they put into designing classes for the benefit and wellness of others.  You can click on the link below to make your donation.  We have much gratitude for your support.