Looseleaf Meets Clients Where They Are In Their Journey To Wellness And Happy To Work With You To Create A Program That Fits The Unique Needs Of Your Organization

Wellness Incentive Programs

Looseleaf offers Worksite Wellness Incentive Programs for those organizations that are interested in providing on-going incentives for their staff.  The following programs are offered:

Stress Management & Wellness Workshops

On-site Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

Walk & Talk for Wellness

Yoga+ Sessions

Wellness Classes

Worksite wellness classes are provided by a certified instructor at your work place.  Classes are a minimum of 45 – 60 minutes long. Weekly classes enable employees to develop a healthy lifestyle practice, release tension, and ultimately increase productivity. Classes are customized to meet the needs of your organization and are appropriate for all levels of physical ability.

Wellness & Lifestyle Seminars

Format and timeframe are customized to meet your organization’s needs. Our Wellness and Lifestyle Seminars are more engaging and takes a deeper dive into one’s wellness journey. Seminars may include education, discussion, Q&A, and practice exercises. Seminars are usually a minimum of 90 minutes to 2 hours in length.  These comprehensive seminars address the sources, effects, and solutions to stress through practical tools for healthy, balanced living. Choice of topics include, but are not limited to:

Mindful Living

Work-Life Balance

Stress Management


This program addresses the many facets of lifestyle practices involved in wellness, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep hygiene and behavioral change.

Strategies for creating positive behavioral change leading to a healthier lifestyle is the goal. Knowledge of integrating healthy lifestyle changes to create optimal well-being.  I stress management strategies effective in home and workplace, to reduce stress and improve creative and functional outcomes.

Mindfulness Meditation Packages

Mindfulness Meditation workshops are most effective when provided for 8-weeks at a time.  Single sessions are an option for those curious to be introduced to the meditation process.  The meditation offered is not affiliated with any specific religion, but is supportive of any individual’s cultural background.  Our meditation workshops are based on a mindfulness approach. Optimal Mindfulness Meditation workshops are designed as eight-week sessions held for 60-minutes and include guided meditation instruction, provided once per week.  These workshops teach you how to create and implement your own daily practice no matter where you are.

On The Basis Of Research, Expected Outcomes Can Include:

Improved communication, work productivity and performance.

Enhanced customer service.

Reduced absenteeism.

Greater job enjoyment and easier conflict resolution.

Reduced stress, greater memory and creativity. Improved health status.