Communities that provide a context of understanding and self-determination help facilitate the healing and recovery process for the individual.  “Intentional Communities” are those that make intentional steps towards assuring that the people within them are healthy, starting with you.

These communities make efforts to advocate, support, and educate holistic health by taking approaches toward the wellness and healing of a fellow human being, including you.  The mission in everything that we do is to design a blueprint and help build “Intentional Communities” world wide, so that all can experience liberation in a world designed to destroy us.  Being Me, Intentionally is a platform designed to teach you how to live a life of intention.  Welcome to The Blog!

Blog Contributor: Letitia Laurien

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SELF-DISCIPLINE IS OBTAINED THROUGH THE ABILITY TO DECREASE.  Discipline is important when it comes to making any significant long-lasting change.  It was difficult for me to change my eating patterns, however, over time, as I change my mind about the way I see food, it becomes easier.

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Intentional Living

THINGS THAT KEEP US FROM LIVING AN INTENTIONAL LIFE: Letting go of the past Forgiveness Identity- low self-concept (The ideas that I am not good enough) Busyness (The illusion that we are accomplishing something) Lack of goal setting & direction Fear of failure & rejection Intimate relationship

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