Let Me Serve The Wellness Needs Of Your Community!

I bring training to your community through onsite and online programs designed to meet your needs in the area of mindfulness, worksite wellness, and leadership training.  I am happy to work with you to create a program that fits the unique needs of your organization. Engagement Presentations are offered free of charge to create a space to interact and explain the benefits of a Wellness Program being implemented within your community or organization. Just contact me for more information. 

The Need For Worksite Wellness

The speed of business in today’s offices with rapid fire emails, short response times, multitasking, texting, and cell phones creates a significant level of stress in office operations. Worksite wellness programs are a smart investment in the health and productivity of employees and staff. Comprehensive worksite wellness programs have proven to lower health care and insurance costs, improve employee morale, decrease absenteeism and improve productivity.

Our 2 Goals

1).  To help the company improve its productivity and profit

2).  To help individuals get healthier

Over time stress can lead to:

• Lack of teamwork and assisting fellow staff.
• Lack of coordination of activities between Offices.
• Non-responsiveness to Agency mission.
• Poor communication and coordination among peers and colleagues.
• Last-minute planning.
• Insufficiently documented processes for getting things done.
• Distracted and disengaged workforce.
• Increase in stress related illnesses.

Whether you are a small, medium and large organizations including government agencies, professional corporations, technical and engineering firms, law firms, healthcare establishments, educational organizations, and non-profits, you will benefit from our services.

I will help you and your organization develop a custom wellness program suited to your organization’s needs. I work in partnership with our clients to help individuals and teams take full advantage of their unique capabilities in achieving superior results in their organization. 

Potential results of successful mindful leaders:

Improved communication, work productivity and performance.

Enhanced customer service.

Reduced absenteeism.

Greater job enjoyment and easier conflict resolution.

Reduced stress, greater memory and creativity. 

Decrease of stress related illness

Improved listening and observation skills

Increase empathy and compassion with staff and customers

Promote emotional intelligence

Improve work-life balance 


Mindful leaders are able to motivate and inspire others, meet and exceed organizational expectations, and are more likely to implement significant and lasting change that optimizes business results. They make an indisputable difference on productivity and creativity and in the lives of those they supervise.

Mindful leadership skills are essential in today’s challenging work environment. As change continues to accelerate and challenges become more complex, we are increasingly doing more with less.  Leaders who see the big picture, as well as understand the little things, will thrive. Mindful leaders are able to make decisions, while simultaneously evaluating other options. As demands for performance and productivity rise and the resources to meet those demands remain the same or dwindle, managers at every level must fine tune their ability to be more mindful.