Welcome To Looseleaf’s Online Mindfulness Classes!
Accessible Remote & Live From Anywhere With Wifi Connection Or Phone Access

Follow these Quick-start tips to get set-up:

  • If this is your first time using the zoom software, feel free to test your zoom settings by visiting zoom.com We recommend you log on to the session several minutes before the start time to ensure you can test your mic and speakers.

  • You may be directed to download and run the zoom application. Enter password: (There may be times when you need to enter a password for class sessions, if so, passwords will be sent to your registration process is complete.)

  • Zoom is available on Mobile devices, and you may also visit the App store to download Zoom. Once the Zoom app is downloaded onto your device, you can Sign-in to your account or simply ‘Join a Meeting’ and enter the Meeting ID, which will be sent to you once you have registered.

  • If you are having trouble, try visiting zoom.com and click ‘Join a meeting’ and enter in your meeting ID or dial-in directly with the phone line for that session.

  • Once you are logged on to your session, your instructor will greet you and may mute everyone once the class starts to prevent background noise. Please also ensure you are in a quiet space to enjoy your class.

  • Please make sure your microphone is on MUTE, as any noise or static may be picked up. You may of course un-mute when the instructor would to communicate with you.

  • If you are having any connection issues when dialing in and cannot hear the instructor, please first try restarting your computer. You can always listen in by phone by dialing with the phone # provided.

  • For any connection or technical issues, we recommend trying a different browser to login, restarting your computer (this helps more often than not) or contacting zoom support through online chat support. You can also always listen in by phone through the phone # provided for that session.

  • Looseleaf’s Online classes are live sessions. You do not have permission to record the sessions.

Zoom.Com Help Center: https://support.zoom.us/hc