Initial, One-Time Consultation

If it’s your first time, we offer a free initial 20 minute consultation so you can meet with me, learn about my approach, discuss goals and generally get a feel for whether I am a good fit for you.

All individual wellness coaching sessions are 45 minutes in length.  The (*) represents additional services that are included in a package so that you clearly see the benefits of each. Let’s check them out!

The Mindful Rescue:  A Mini Session

This offer is for when a specific need arises that needs quick action.  It’s time to STOP your OVERTHINKING about a topic and get some relief.  Whether it be an eating habit, sleep issue, time juggling, or how in the heck can you get some exercise into your life.  Mini sessions are also used for those who have completed Wellness Programs successfully, however, may need a tune up or maintenance check in.  Let’s Do This!

The Compassion Boost

  • Wellness Assessment (75-mins)
  • 4 Coaching Sessions, 45-mins each
  • Activity Diary Development

The Metta Transformation

  • Wellness Assessment (75-mins)
  • 8 Coaching Sessions, 45-mins each *
  • Activity Diary Development
  • Lifestyle Change Exercises *

The Intentional Surrender

  • Wellness Assessment (75-mins)
  • 12 Coaching Sessions, 45-mins each *
  • Activity Diary Development
  • Values Clarification Exercises
  • Lifestyle Change Exercises
  • Personal Wellness Recovery Plan *

What If I Need More? …

If you would like to continue on beyond 12 sessions, a tailored package can be designed to fit your continued needs.

What RESULTS could you achieve when we work together?

  • Increase your energy levels throughout the day
  • Kick stress to the curb with methods to handle stress
  • Establish healthy eating habits
  • Prioritize what matters most at this point in your life
  • Sleep better and wake up more refreshed
  • Develop a more positive outlook
  • Incorporate exercise into your daily activities
  • Move your body regularly (and actually enjoy it!)
  • Embrace the healing power of self-care rituals
  • Declutter and simplify your home, your mindset, and living

Don’t see a coaching package that fits your needs?

I offer total flexibility in creating coaching packages. I will create a special V.I.P. package to keep you on target with your goals and achieving long-term success.

I would love to hear from you.  Send me a note via email by clicking the tab below.  Please include a brief description of what you would like help with and which service you’re interested in.  That way I can set up a virtual chat for us.


Looseleaf Holistic Wellness does not provide Medical Advice.  If you have a medical issue, please see a qualified Medical Practitioner.  The information and guidance provided to you in the wellness coaching session(s) are for educational and learning purposes only.  The details you are given are to be used at your own risk, based on your own judgment.  There are no guarantees of a specific gain or result.

Coaching Intake Form

If you are interested in Looseleaf Holistic Wellness being apart of your wellness journey, click on the link INTAKE FORM.  Once completed we will give you a call to schedule your initial consultation session.