BreathWork     (1 hr)

Proper breathing is the foundation of healthy living. Get a profound understanding of breath work and learn how to use your breath like a tool to start controlling all systems in your body. Learn to take care of your mind and how to take the awareness from the head to the soul with the power of the breath. A yoga mat is recommended for this class.

An Introduction To Mindfulness     (8 Week Course) (4 Week Course Option)

This is an 8 week course that teaches you basic mindfulness practices tailored to help you manage general stress.  Each session is broken down into 90 minute increments.  The class involves a mix of introductory meditation practices and mindfulness exercises. You can contribute as much as you feel comfortable with as you mingle with a community of like-minded people with the desire to live mindfully.  A proposed course outline is below.

This course has also been designed so that you have the option of taking it in two parts if desired, Part I (Week #1-4) and Part II  (Week #5-8).  Each section for this option is taught in a 4 hour time period.

Course Outline 

  • Week #1: An Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Week #2: Be Right Where You Are
  • Week #3: Our Storytelling Minds
  • Week #4: Cultivating Kindness
  • Week #5: Willingness to be With Things as They Are
  • Week #6: Finding Compassion
  • Week #7: Enhancing Wellness
  • Week #8: Moving Forward

An Introduction to Meditation     (3 Hr. Course)

Learn how to meditate as a tool used to create space to empty out, hear, and feel what God has next for you! Research shows that meditation benefits the mind, body, and soul. Meditation decreases anxiety, improves mood, controls negative emotions, improves brain function, improves attention, lowers blood pressure, relieves chronic pain, reduces stress, slows the aging process, improves health, helps one develop an inner relationship within themselves, increases self-actualization & self-awareness, and cultivates spirituality. Many people are intimidated by meditation and are not quite sure what it is and how to do it. Others state they have tried to meditate without success or think meditation is not for them. There are numerous forms of meditation and at least one form sure to fit every person’s needs. This class will debunk meditation myths, teach meditation and mindfulness basics, and introduce participants to the many forms of meditation.

Private Meditation Sessions

This is a 90 minute session where we take a personal dive into cultivating a more balanced and powerful inner tranquility, through creating a guided and customized meditation practice. You will discover the keys to releasing personal stress and other symptoms while discovering peacefulness, joy, and guidance through meditation.  Research shows that meditation has a powerful effect on your brain, balancing your biochemistry, improving self-regulation, moods, sleep, wellbeing and enhancing memory and cognitive functions.  A meditation cushion and mat can be provided for you for all private In-Person sessions. You can also feel free to bring your own.

In-Session    (4 Hr. Course)

This course is for mental health professionals who have an interest in incorporating mindfulness meditation into their work with clients.  Many clinicians have come to view mindfulness as a curative mechanism that transcends diagnosis and as an active ingredient in the healing process. The class is designed to empower mental health professionals to incorporate mindfulness into both their professional practice and personal life.

  • Becoming a Mindful Therapist
  • Bringing Mindfulness into Psychotherapy
  • Cultivating Mindfulness in the Therapeutic Relationship
  • Selecting Practices

Registration Form

Once you have completed the Registration Form, you will receive an email from us confirming the receipt of form and an invoice for payment.  Please assure that payment is made prior to attending the course.  Click on the link REGISTRATION FORM to get started.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!