Your Care. Your Way. Convenient And Flexible. 

Letitia’s Non-Traditional Approach To Wellness Designed To Fit You

In order to best serve clients I take mental health one step further, where services are designed to fit you!  All of services that are offered by Looseleaf Holistic Wellness are Faith-Centered.  Some of our sessions may be offered in the scenic backdrop of the outdoors rather than the office.  If typical talk therapy isn’t cutting it for you or helping you process your mental health issues, I incorporate creative therapies that allow you to process your emotions through your other five senses to spark emotional growth and wellness.  Every individual can be quite different which is why we offer different options to wellness.

In-Person Sessions

Real-time conversation allows space to pick up body language, tone of voice, and connection which can give us insight into feelings.  Whether we are meeting in-doors or outdoors I assure that our sessions are held in a confidential environment where privacy guidelines cannot be compromised. Ultimately, the milieu will depend on your personal preference, along with recommendations.

Sessions At-A-Distance

Experience the powerful personal and social benefits of mindfulness beyond the physical space of one location. Expand your personal practice with phone and web-based Telehealth services which can be experienced in the comfort of your own home or anywhere with wifi/phone access.  All you need is an email address to set up your secure account.


Counseling & Psychotherapy

Yoga +

Mindfulness Classes

Individual Wellness Coaching

Community & Worksite Wellness Programs

Confidentiality:  All Individual Wellness Coaching and Mental Health Counseling & Psychotherapy sessions are facilitated on a confidential HIPPA compliant platform.  All classes are facilitated via Zoom. Our Zoom Meeting Rooms are currently not HIPPA enabled compliant.