“The Power that made the body, heals the body.”

Welcome! I would like to let you know who I am, how LooseLeaf began, and my own personal journey into mindfulness and holistic health in order to help you determine whether Looseleaf is the best fit for your needs.  To begin with, I have been working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2009.  I hold a Certification as a Clinical Supervisor in order to teach and supervise the clinical work of up and coming Social Workers who desire to bring about change and healing.  My blood, sweat, and tears have been in the field of social work and human services for over 24 years.  Over the many years I have identified several gaps in a system that reaches well beyond communities and into society, making it challenging to create change.  In 2012, LooseLeaf opened as a Clinical Consulting Company created to begin to fill those gaps and be the liaison between a broken system and the broken people that were searching for change, including myself.

As I began my own personal journey of growth and healing, I came across “Mindfulness”.  The more and more I read, the more I started to see how mindfulness-based interventions play their part in ones healing journey.  At that point, I began my own practice in mindful living.  I did my research and found The Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy (IMP).  After the 9 month program, I was hooked, healed, and earned my training as a Mindful Therapist and a Certificate in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy.  I began to become more intrigued with the body and started a journey of wellness, which included the integration of mind, body, and spirit.  

I then gained a Certificate as a Meditation Teacher from The Mindfulness Center’s Science of Mindful Awareness Program in Bethesda, Maryland.   I also found a need for client coaching, therefore, I obtained a Certification in Wellness and Corporate Wellness Coaching from the Spencer Institute based in Santa Margarita, California.  It was at this point that LooseLeaf became a holistic wellness hub where mindfulness and wellness became the primary service.  The name was then changed to “Looseleaf Holistic Wellness, LLC” in 2019.  

Since then, I have obtained my Certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher with My Vinyasa Practice based in Austin, Texas.  The yoga philosophy was an intricate piece to my healing journey and continues to be a tool in my personal life and work.  With continued education, my intention is to bring awareness to the long term physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits of incorporating consistent mindfulness tools and additional holistic wellness practices into the lifestyles of individuals and organizations.   The best way to serve clients through mindfulness is to “embody” mindfulness ourselves.  It is rewarding for me to return what I have been blessed with in order to help sow seeds of faith, mindfulness, and wellness in communities locally and globally.  


With Love & Gratitude.

Letitia Laurien, LCSW-ACS, RYT
Chief Executive Officer & Mind-Body Practitioner
LooseLeaf Holistic Wellness, LLC

(E): letitia@looseleafllc.com