SELF-DISCIPLINE IS OBTAINED THROUGH THE ABILITY TO DECREASE.  Discipline is important when it comes to making any significant long-lasting change.  It was difficult for me to change my eating patterns, however, over time, as I change my mind about the way I see food, it becomes easier.  I was raised in Southern Virginia and my mother put sugar in everything.  This is a pattern that I carried on through  adulthood. For me, having to control my eating was the thing that I needed to start to take control of in order to begin to grow discipline in other parts of my life.

For you, it may be spending, sex, substances, etc.  You have to first be aware that change is needed in an area of your life. Once identified, you can then work on re-framing the way that you see that thing that you crave.  I had to start seeing food as fuel to nourish my body, as oppose to something that had to be good. I took it one small meal at a time. Eventually, that led to a regiment of eating 4 small meals a day. For me, that ended up being the same meals day after day, using 1 seasoning, which was pink himalayan salt. This regiment reduced inflammation within my body, decreased fat, and slowed me down in terms of thought and action.

Discipline is the practice of training one to obey rules OR a code of behavior. Self-Discipline is the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; despite temptations.  Put it together and it is the practice of training yourself to overcome temptation.  What rules will you set for your life? What will you give up in exchange for health? What temptation will you let pass in order to live well?

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