• Letting go of the past
  • Forgiveness
  • Identity- low self-concept (The ideas that I am not good enough)
  • Busyness (The illusion that we are accomplishing something)
  • Lack of goal setting & direction
  • Fear of failure & rejection
  • Intimate relationship with God and others


If you want to make a difference … wishing, hoping, dreaming, and vision is not enough to bring about positive change. It is only by managing our thinking and shifting our thoughts from desire to deeds that we are able to bring about change. We have to go from wanting to doing.  Living with intention requires that we stop responding by emotion and start walking in the moment. It requires us to stop … take a long look at self and identify the barriers that are in our way as we journey toward growth and letting go.  I found that I had to allow myself the room to experience potential discomfort for personal growth. It was not easy, but it was necessary. You have to keep in mind that the past is gone, and the future is not upon us, so there is no need in living in either of those spaces.  

Learning how to live in the moment is something that we will be learning in this space as we take steps toward tearing down those things that keep us from living with intention. Just remember that no person can keep you from living your most optimal life.  You allow people to stop you.  Being able to begin to implement these concepts in your life on a daily basis is a practice. I created Looseleaf Holistic Wellness ( to be a classroom where you begin to learn these principles as well as how to incorporate them in your life. This is where you learn to become a Looseleaf, which is the prerequisite to becoming a Social Architect so that you can start assisting me in building Intentional Communities where you are.  Realize that the first community you have to build is within yourself. 

 What area of your life do you need to take action in to create an intentional life?

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